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Apex Legends: Hidden Trick to Speed Up Melee Attacks


One of the most difficult things in Apex Legends is finding the right spot where to land. After playing the game for a while, you will know exactly where the good loot spawns, but the problem here is other players will want to land in the same spot.

This raises the question, what do you do when an enemy team lands next to you and you don’t have any weapons? Simply put, you box it out. Unfortuantely, this more of a luck fight and the player that manages to throw the most punches wins. Now, what if we told you that there is a hidden trick to increase the attack speed of melee attacks?

How to Increase the Melee Attack Speed

The trick to increasing the melee attack speed is to change the animation. This can be done by sliding towards the enemy and punching when you get close. This will make the animation look like an uppercut and the cool thing about this is that the animation is faster. Therefore, sliding before punching the enemy will increase your overall melee attack speed.

While this might not seem like such an important trick to know, it actually makes a big difference. If you somehow end up in a fist fight and there aren’t any weapons around, knowing how to make the attack speed faster will help you defeat the enemy quicker than he can take defeat you.

Furthermore, each melee attack in Apex Legends does a total of 30 damage. There are no crits when it comes to melee attacks and therefore, you will need to slide for a couple of times before taking out the enemy.

Final Words

As previously mentioned, this simple but effective trick will prove to be a big advantage in melee fights. Therefore, we expect the trick to be fixed when the new update for Apex Legends comes out.