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Fortnite News: “Buried Treasure” is Coming Soon


Fortnite is an ever-improving game and this is why it managed to keep its title as the most popular Battle Royale in the world even though it has to compete against other popular games such as PUBG and the new Apex Legends. Even though Epic Games has recently released season 8, the game developer is already working on new improvements and data miners have managed to find some files that reveal Fortnite is going to have a buried treasure.

Buried Treasure

Since Fortnite is the most popular game in the world, this puts a big “target” on its bag and data miners are always searching through the game’s code in order to spot new features and weapons. This time, the data miners have figured out that an upcoming Fortnite update is going to introduce a buried feature. Epic Games has even confirmed this feature on its official news feed by posting the picture featured above and the “Coming Soon” text.

The Secret Location

As we can see from the picture featured above, the X marked on the map is located south-east of the new Volcano point of interest. Unfortunately, the data miners haven’t been able to find additional information about the buried treasure.

Although, we believe that the location of the treasure is going to change randomly every match because knowing its location beforehand doesn’t make finding the loot that is buried underground that interesting.

A previous leak revealed that the buried treasure could spawn a beacon. This because was spotted in the season 8 reveal trailer. Nonetheless, the new buried treasure is probably going to arrive sooner than expected since as we previously mentioned, Fortnite is an ever-improving game and Epic Games is always adding new features and items via weekly updates.