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Apex Legends Might Get a Single Player Mode

Source: EA

Despite being one of the most popular multiplayer online battle royale games out there, with about 100 million players, Apex Legends still lacks a single-player mode. Of course, the fans want it, and finally, it seems that the developers from Respawn Entertainment seem to have finally cared about their demand.

Some solitary gamers would say that there’s no reason to make a game lacking a single-player mode. But there’s a method to developers’ madness. Why would they add a single-player mode if a game is doing great without it?

A new Apex Legends game

According to comicbook.com, there’s online info about a new Apex Legends game that’s single-player.

A job listing from Respawn itself is what nurtures the possibility for Apex Legends to get a single-player mode. The job listing confirms the upcoming work on a first-person shooter that will be set in the Apex Legends environment.

Here’s a part of the announcement issued by Respawn:

“This new single-player title is a developer’s dream playground with the freedom to innovate made possible by the unique universe it inhabits. Our critically acclaimed, multi-platform games have always established a “fun comes first” sensibility created with the notion that great ideas can come from anyone, which allows creativity to shine and individuals to shape the game in meaningful ways.”

Teamwork, collaboration with others, as well as technical support are among the main requirements for the job.

If you’re willing to try out a new battle royale game, but Apex Legends fails to meet your expectations, there’s no reason to despair! There are plenty more fish in the sea! Therefore, just throw caution to the wind and try out Fortnite, PUBG, Call of Duty Warzone, Garena Free Fire, and others that are worth-trying alternatives to Apex Legends!