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Apple Announces iOS 12.1 with 70 Brand-New Emojis


Its been less than a month since Apple rolled out iOS 12 and fans are already asking for the new update. Apple has set a high standard when it comes to software updates and the Cupertino based tech giant needs to keep rolling them out if it wants fans to be happy. Nonetheless, Apple decided to let everyone know that iOS 12 is coming soon and that it will introduce 70 brand-new emojis!

Apple Announces iOS 12.1

The fact that Apple announced iOS 12.1 is not a big surprise, but the interesting thing about it is that Apple said iOS 12.1 will feature 70 brand-new emojis. This is great news for Apple fans since it means that they will have multiple emojis to choose from when they want to express themselves through text messages.

70 Brand-New Emojis

Apple also gave fans a sneak peek of what’s to come and this why we know that iOS 12.1 will feature lots of funny emojis such as a hiking boot, raccoon, swan, frisbee, skateboard, salt shaker, bagel, and many more other fun stuff. Also, Apple will add more hairstyles and faces that fans can use when they create their own Animojis.

Software Fixes

Even though getting 70 new emojis is fantastic news, Apple needs to take care of some software issues as well. Recent reports have been showing that Apple’s latest iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are having poor cellular and Wi-Fi reception. This is a big problem and things don’t even here because other reports are saying that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max can’t charge when the device is asleep.

The only solution that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max owners have when it comes to the charging problem is to unlock the device before plugging it into the charger. This can be quite annoying and we hope that Apple fixes the bug with the release of iOS 12.1.