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Check Out the $350 Microsoft Headphones that Took 3 Years to Make


Microsoft is one of the world’s biggest tech companies and it has the resources to work on secret projects. However, no one expected Microsoft to spend three years designing a pair of Bluetooth active noise-canceling headphones. The new headphones were announced yesterday during the Surface event and they are called Surface Headphones.

Microsoft Reveals Surface Headphones

Microsoft announced that this new pair of headphones stayed three years in the development phase because Microsoft wanted to make sure that they deliver the best audio experience and also that they will launch in the US for the price of $350.

The fact that Microsoft spent so much time designing these headphones leads us to believe that they will actually deliver some of the best audio experiences that money can buy. However, let’s check out some of the best features that Surface Headphones have to offer and see for ourselves just how good they are.

Design, Weight, and Features

Right from the start, we all can agree that Surface Headphones are shipping with a minimalist design. Although, this is a good thing and the fact that they are available in the light grey color makes them great for every occasion.

Surface Headphones weigh in at 290 grams and they feature a volume dial on an ear cup and a noise cancelation level dial on the other. Even though Surface Headphones are not the first headphones to feature noise-cancellation technology, the interesting thing about them is that they give users the ability to select the level that they want. Most headphones usually have a button for on/off when it comes to noise-cancelation.

USB and Aux Jack

The last thing we need to mention about Microsoft’s new headphones is that they ship with a USB-C port and a classic 3.5mm auxiliary jack. Having both ports is a nice touch since it makes it possible for people to connect the headphones to all types of devices.