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Apple Buys New Tech Startup Called Asaii – Here’s Why!


We reported last week that Apple acquired a startup company from Denmark called “Spektral”. This company develops a special software that makes it possible for Apple to enhance the editing tools that its iPhones have to offer. However, it looks Apple is not done spending since the Cupertino based tech giant has acquired another startup called Asaii yesterday.

Apple Acquires New Startup

According to various sources, Apple has spent less than $100 million on the deal with Asaii. Even though we might not know the official price tag of Asaii, what we do know is that this is a tech company that says it can find the next Justin Bieber before anyone else.

What Does Asaii Do?

The new company that Apple acquired has developed a special software that helps music labels discover the next big star. Asaii says that the software uses data found on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook for example and then combines it with the one found on platforms such as Apple Music, Deezer and Spotify in order to figure out who is the next artist that will go mainstream.

“Our machine learning powered algorithms finds artists 10 weeks before they chart. Our algorithms are able to find the next Justin Bieber, before anyone else” said Asaii about its software.

What is Apple’s Plan for Asaii?

The interesting thing about Asaii is that no one knows what Apple wants to do with this company. Some tech analysts are speculating that Apple wants to use the software that Asaii offers to help improve the list of artists that can be found on Apple Music while others are claiming that Apple is simply looking to turn a profit by selling Asaii to the highest bidder once the company’s software proves to be reliable.

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