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New SHAREit Update Brings “Phone Replicate” Back


SHAREit fans should be pleased to know that a brand-new update is available for download right now. The cool thing about this update is that it focuses on both enhancing the app’s performance and improving the overall user experience at the same time. Not just that, but SHAREit fans should also be happy to know that the Phone Replicate feature is back!

New SHAREit Update

The latest update for SHAREit is available to download directly from the app’s official page. Therefore, SHAREit fans can simply head over to the website on their smartphones and click the big download button and the update will be installed in a couple of minutes.

Phone Replicate is Back

One of SHAREit most popular features used to be Phone Replicate. However, some bugs were causing Phone Replicate to malfunction and the developers felt like they needed to remove the feature. Fortunately, the developers didn’t take too long and they came up with a fix for Phone Replicate and reinstalled the feature.

For those who are unfamiliar with Phone Replicate, this feature does exactly what its name implies. Therefore, SHAREit fans who have recently purchased a new smartphone can simply use the Phone Replicate feature and transfer all their data from their older smartphone to the new one in a matter of minutes.

Better Software Optimization

Lastly, we need to mention that SHAREit’s developers have made sure to include a bunch of bug fixes and software tweaks that improve the app’s performance. This means that SHAREit will be able to transfer files at faster speeds than usual after installing the update and that there will be a lesser chance for the app to randomly crash.

Even though SHAREit’s Phone Replicate feature had a bug issue and it needed to be removed, it’s great to see that the feature has finally made a comeback.