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Apple Changes its Repair Policy On iPhones with Third-Party Batteries


Older iPhones are notorious for their bad batteries which either don’t last for too long or they break down. Therefore, many iPhone users have decided to take matters into their own hands and upgrade their iPhones with bigger and better third-party batteries. The only downside about this is that Genius Bars and Apple Authorized Service Providers (AASP) no longer fixed them in case something went wrong. Fortunately, Apple has decided to change this policy and allow Genius Bars and AASP to repair iPhones that are equipped with non-original batteries.

Apple Changes Genius Bars and AASP Policy

As all iPhone users surely know by now, Genius Bars and AASPs are the places where they need to go in case something goes wrong with their iPhones. The problem here is that both Genius Bars and AASPS are infamous for being quite expensive and for not wanting to have anything to do with iPhones that use third-party hardware. This has changed and Apple is now allowing Genius Bars and AASPs to repair hardware issues on iPhones that have different batteries.

Technicians Can Replace Entire iPhones for Cheaper Prices

Reports are showing that technicians who are employed by Genius Bars and AASPs will now offer cheap prices when it comes to battery related issues. They can replace an entire iPhone for the cost of a simple battery replacement if the battery tabs are missing or broken. Not only that, but batteries with excessive adhesive also make the iPhones eligible to be replaced.

This is great news for iPhone users who have replaced their original batteries. On the other hand, this also raises the question of why Apple didn’t implement this change in policy to Genius Bars and AASPs before? Even though Apple took its time, it’s always better late than never.