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Apple is Replacing Faulty MacBook and MacBook Pro Keyboards


We have great news to share with MacBook users today! Apple has announced that it will replace all faulty butterfly switch keyboards for free. Not just that, but Apple is going to also replace the keyboards on its brand-new MacBook Pro models that were revealed on Tuesday.

Apple confirmed in a recent media statement that it will extend its MacBook keyboard replacement program that was started back in 2015. Even though Apple’s MacBook models shouldn’t have shipped with sticky keys in the first place, we have to give praise to the Cupertino based tech giant for taking responsibility.

Apple Will Replace MacBook Keyboards

For those who are aren’t familiar with the butterfly switch problems, Apple announced last year that it plans to replace “a small percentage of keyboards in certain MacBook and MacBook Pro models” because the letters and characters are repeated or feel “sticky” when typing because they respond inconsistently. This program covered MacBook released between 2015 to 2017 and now, Apple has decided to extend the program to the new MacBook models as well.

Replaced Materials

We should mention that Apple has issued an official apology to MacBook fans back in March and that Apple is going to change the material used for the keyboards. The new material in the butterfly switch keyboards is going to get rid of problems such as letters double-typing for example. Although, Apple didn’t want to specify what material is going to use this time, just that the keyboard repairs will happen faster than before.

Proposed Class Action Lawsuits

Before we sign off, we want to go over the fact that Apple was actually forced to offer free keyboard repairs and replacements to MacBook fans. The reason behind this is that at least three proposed class action lawsuits have been filed against Apple.