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Apple Online Store Goes Down – New Devices are Coming Soon


Apple’s online store shut down this morning and the reason why this happened is not because the store was attacked by hackers. Apple usually shuts down its online store when it wants to add new products and therefore, Apple fans should get ready to see a bunch of new products get listed on the store during the upcoming future.

In typical Apple fashion, the Cupertino based tech giant has yet to announce which new devices will be listed but we do have a pretty good idea of what’s coming next thanks to previous leaks.

March 25th Event

Before we present what are the devices that Apple is planning to list on the online store, we need to mention that Apple is planning to host a big event on March 25th. Apple confirmed that the biggest announcement that will take place at the new event is the brand-new Apple TV streaming platform that will rival the likes of Netflix and HBO Go.

AirPods 2

One of the devices that Apple is planning to reveal during the upcoming weeks is AirPods 2. The wireless earbuds have been a long time in the making and previous leaks have sown that Apple has already added the finishing touches to the device. The feature that will make AirPods 2 stand out from the first version is that they support wireless charging directly from an iPhone or iPad’s rear panel.


Talking about wireless charging, Apple is expected to reveal its much-anticipated AirPower wireless charging pad on March 25th. AirPower was originally announced back in 2017 but for some unknown reason, Apple decided that launching the wireless charging alongside iPhone X was a bad idea. Even though waiting two years is a long time, it’s always better late than never.