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Apple Responds to iPhone XS and XS Max Charging Issue


Reports are showing that iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max are having issues when it comes to charging. This is causing an outrage in the Apple community because people have spent lots of money on a new iPhone that seems to have lots of problems. Not being able to charge your iPhone is a serious issue because it makes the device unusable and the only option that fans have is to kickstart the charging progress by plugging and unplugging the lighting cable until the device starts charging.

On the bright side of things, Apple has decided to answer its fans and reassured everyone that iOS 12.1 is coming soon and that it will introduce a fix for this issue. This is great news for Apple fans because having a device that isn’t able to charge right can be quiet annoying.

Apple Announces iOS 12.1

Even though Apple has yet to announce the official roll out date for iOS 12.1, the Cupertino based tech giant made sure to tell everyone that this software update will take care of all their problems. Apple recognizes that the charging issue is a bug and it promised that it’s already figured out how to fix it. We should also mention that iOS 12.1 will not only contain bug fixes, but it will also introduce 70 new emojis!

Customer Feedback

The interesting thing about this iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max issue is the fact that Apple didn’t take too long to respond. Apple always says that it does everything in its power to keep its fanbase happy and seeing that Apple acknowledged that there is a charging issue with its new iPhones and promised that it will fix it ASAP proves to us that Apple does really put its customers first.