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The Google Assistant Native App is Being Revamped Today


If you are an avid Google Assistant user, then you should be pleased to know that the app which controls the AI assistant is getting a major redesign. The Android parent is rolling out the new OTA (over the air) update today to all every new Android smartphone.

Therefore, we advise everyone who enjoys using the Google Assistant app to keep their eyes peeled at the notification because the update should arrive any moment now.

Google Assistant App Update

The new update has been announced for a couple of weeks and it’s rolling out today. Google said that the Google Assistant dedicated app is going to be redesigned in order to make it easier for people to explore the UI (user interface) and access their favorite options.

Easier on the Eyes

The app is not only becoming more user-friendly, but the design is also easier on the eyes. Google is emphasizing visuals and images so that people receive a better user experience every time they open the app.

New Smart Home Devices Controls

Another great thing about this latest Google Assistant update is the fact that it adds new controls for smart home devices. For example, people will be able to use a slider in order to change the volume of their smart speaker or the brightness of the light that the smart dimmable lamp puts out.

Brand Integration

We should also mention that Google Assistant will now feature better integration for third-party brands such as Starbucks. People will be able to view the full Starbucks menu on their Android smartphones just by asking Google Assistant about it. To make things even better, people will also be able to place online orders via Google Assistant and this feature is going to come in quite handy.