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Apple Will Allow Users to Repair Their Own MacBooks

Credit: Unsplash.com

Repairing your own devices seems to be the new trend in town. After Samsung offered such a possibility for its smartphones, it’s now Apple’s turn to implement a similar program or enhance one that already existed. If you have a MacBook Air or a MacBook Pro with M1 chipsets at home, you can benefit from Apple’s Self Service Repair, as the tech behemoth from Cupertino itself reveals.

This is indeed a very needed move since it’s obvious that letting a stranger repair your gadget is not always a comfortable thing. That person is still human, and he could also become too curious about what files you have in your MacBook.

Starting today, August 23, those living in the US can repair their own MacBooks. Obviously, Apple will still give them plenty of help through various tools, parts, as well as repair manuals. In other words, the customers will get pretty much everything they need in order to repair their gadgets by themselves.

The Self Service Repair program has been implemented for iPhones even earlier, which means that those owning a phone from Apple can also repair it easily and without having to depend on somebody else. Letting another person repair your phone, regardless of how professional he may work, always seems to pose a little risk.

Here’s an important part of Apple’s announcement:

“Self Service Repair for MacBook Air and MacBook Pro offers more than a dozen different repair types for each model, including the display, top case with battery, and trackpad, with more to come. Customers who are experienced with the complexities of repairing electronic devices will be able to complete repairs on these Mac notebooks, with access to many of the same parts and tools available to Apple Store locations and Apple Authorized Service Providers.”

Apple will release iPhone 14 in September or October, and it will be interesting to see if the Self Service Repair program will apply to the upcoming flagship as well.