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Apple’s iOS 16 Helps Users Hide Specific Photos

Source: Pixabay

Apple released iOS 16 Beta about two weeks ago for the public, which means that those users willing to install it can already proceed with their wishes. The new version of Apple’s operating system surely doesn’t come empty-handed, and one of the most interesting features is one that gives users the chance to hide specific photos that exist on their iPhones.

Let’s be honest on this one: we all have those special photos in our phones that we don’t want anybody else to see, not even our best friend, mother, father, wife, husband, mistress, and so on. The engineers from Apple most likely have sensitive photos for themselves, which is perhaps why they thought it would be a good idea to help users hide them better.

Major changes awaited for September

iOS 16 will arrive in its final form in September, and it will bring along the possibility of hiding specific photos from curious minds.

The new feature will allow you to hide the photos you need to stay hidden by using a FaceID or a password, and it’s already available in iOS 16 Beta, according to Yahoo! Finance. Using the feature will also be like a walk in park. All you have to do is select the photo you want to be hidden, hit the three buttons that appear in the top right corner, and select the Hide option. Next up, you must head over to the Albums tab from photos, go to the bottom and tap on Hidden, which is placed under the Utilities area. At that point, you’ll need to enter a passcode or use FaceID to get the photo back.

Feel free to tell us in the comment section what kind of sensitive photos you’ll be willing to hide in iOS 16 if you’re using an iPhone! Of course, there’s no use even mentioning those types of photos that all of us already have in mind!