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Check Out ‘Urbek City Builder’ – Trailer & Info

Source: Steam

‘Urbek City Builder’ had its initial release last year in April, and it received a much more recent launch a few days ago. It’s certainly a game that deserves to be played if you’re not too pretentious regarding the graphics and if you want something that puts your creativity to work.

Judging by the title alone, surely you’ve already guessed that ‘Urbek City Builder’ is not about making points by throwing eggs at a stand-up comedian who brings a bad performance on stage. The game is about building modern cities, and you practically receive the role of the mayor to decide what building or brick fits in the right place.

Developer Estudios Kremlinois and publisher RockGame S.A. are the companies in charge of making Urbek City Builder possible.

The game costs $13.99 euros on Steam, where a relevant description is provided:

“Urbek is a city building game where you can build your own neighbourhoods: from nightlife district to industrial district. Don’t exhaust your natural resources before you have an educated population to build more efficient structures.”

Did you think, even for a moment, that it would be easy to build a city in Urbek City Builder? Check out another description from the game’s Steam page:

“There is no money in Urbek. Instead, you will have to build everything with your own resources, such as food, coal, or skilled work. There are more than 30 different resources to manage! Manage your natural resources well, so that they do not run out before they can be replaced. How will you choose to produce the energy for your inhabitants and industries?”

Surprisingly enough, your PC needs to be running at least a processor as good as Intel Core i5-2500k and a graphics card like NVIDIA GeForce GTX 770 (2GB) to have the chance of playing the game. This was indeed unexpected considering those apparently simplistic graphics that we can all see in the trailer.