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Apple’s iPhone is Now Cheaper Than $100 (Cyber Monday Deals)


If you always wanted to buy an iPhone but spending more than $1,000 for one of the latest iPhone 11 Pro Max is over your budget, then we have some great news to share with you. Walmart has listed a bunch of amazing Cyber Monday sales and iPhone 6s is available for purchase for only $99.

Yes, you read that right. One of Apple’s most popular iPhones is now available for less than $100. With that said, let’s go ahead and check out everything there is to know about this time-limited deal.

iPhone 6s is Now Available for Only $99

We have to give praise to Walmart for cutting $100 off the original price of iPhone 6s and offering it for only $99. To top it all off, this is a prepaid plan which means that you will be able to choose from multiple plans that fit your budget the best.

Not just that, but if you are willing to spend a couple of extra dollars, then you may want to know that the price of the bigger iPhone 6s Plus is discounted to $149.

iPhone 6s – Specs Overview

Truth be told, iPhone 6s is an older iPhone. However, this doesn’t mean that buying iPhone 6s is a bad choice by any means. The device is equipped with all the iconic iOS features that you know and love.

To top it all off, iPhone 6s actually ships with two features that Apple’s latest flagship lineup is lacking. We are talking about the Touch ID button that can be used as a fingerprint scanner and the ability to long-press on an app and have a long list of shortcuts pop up.

Furthermore, iPhone 6s is powered by the Apple A9 (14nm) which is a dual-core CPU that clocks at 1.84GHz Twister. The processor is paired with a PowerVR G7600 (six-core graphics) GPU and 2GB of RAM.