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Yandex Browser Beta Update – Software Stability Receives Major Improvements


Having access to a powerful mobile browser is essential on all Android-powered smartphones. What’s great about the Android operating system is the fact that it allows users to access the millions of apps and games that are available on the Google Play Store. This means that Android users get to pick and choose from tens of premium apps and Yandex Browser is one of them. This is a stylish and secure mobile browser that is equipped with lots of fun features such as voice search and data compression.

Yandex Browser Beta Update

If you are a fan of Yandex Browser and you enjoy the features that the mobile browser has to offer, then you might want to consider enrolling in the beta program. The reason why we are saying that is because beta users are always the first ones to access all of the latest updates and in fact, a new beta update has just been released.

The new update for Yandex Browser sports the beta version number and it is currently rolling out via OTA (over the air) channels to all Yandex Browser fans who are enrolled in the beta program. If you have yet to join the beta program, then you should be pleased to find out that the developers of Yandex Browser are allowing everyone to join the program free of charge.

Software Stability

Yandex Browser’s latest update doesn’t come with any new features and instead, it focuses on improving the software stability of the mobile browser by adding bug fixes and software tweaks. This is why the new update is considered to be a high priority release. Now, let’s go ahead and check out what are the top features of Yandex Browser.

Top Features

  • Reduce your data usage and speed up the loading of webpages and images when your internet connection is slow with the browser’s automatic Turbo Mode.
  • Get rid of annoying ads on websites by integrating third-party blocking apps with adblocking.
  • Protect your personal data when using public Wi-Fi networks and stay away from harmful or fraudulent pages with the browser’s active security system Protect.