Home Gadgets Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10 Now Available To Pre-Order In China.

Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10 Now Available To Pre-Order In China.

Credit: Xiaomi

The Smart Door Lock E10, made by Xiaomi, is now available for pre-order in China. The device has several methods of unlocking, including a fingerprint scanner, NFC, and a keypad. The Mijia app enables you to connect the lock to other smart home devices and control or check its status from afar. In China, you can now pre-order the Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10.


Fingerprint recognition, which has a 99% success rate and a half-second delay, is just one of many methods that can be used to unlock the device. You can use your phone or smartwatch to unlock the door by programming permanent or temporary passwords, using near-field communication (NFC), or Bluetooth. Furthermore, the bonus physical key could be used in the event of an emergency. You can feel safe using the device knowing that it has a C-class cylinder lock and ten other security features.

When locked, the door cannot be unlocked from the outside by anyone, which is especially useful at night, thanks to a physical keypad on the inside board of the lock. If you have a Mijia smart home system, you can use this product to automate other devices, such as lighting fixtures, to turn off when you leave your home. The smart lock also features a doorbell that can be used to alert you via sound or the Mijia app when guests arrive. The app also allows you to remotely lock and unlock doors, as well as check if they are locked from your phone.

There are four AA batteries inside the device, and they should last for a whole year. The device can alert you when the battery is getting low, and you can connect a backup charger to it through USB-C if you need to. The thickness of the front panel is 21.5 mm, the thickness of the back panel is 23.5 mm, and the overall dimensions of the lock are 365 x 74 mm. The Xiaomi Smart Door Lock E10 is currently available for pre-order for 799 yuan.