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Are You Ready for the Snapchat+ Subscription Service?

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Snapchat developers are currently raising the stakes a bit and beginning to test the new subscription service that will be called Snapchat+. Users would have access to features that will be exclusive to the subscription option for 4.59 euros per month, as Yahoo Finance reveals.

The option to subscribe directly for a whole year to Snapchat+ will also be available, and users will have to pay 45.99 euros for such a deal. Until now, Snapchat hasn’t done something like this, meaning to offer users a subscription service. But everything in life has a beginning.

Snapchat+ allows you to pin someone as your best friend

The upcoming subscription service will bring a lot of interesting stuff for the users. They’ll have the possibility to pin someone as their #1 BFF, receive a special badge, get access to exclusive icons, see the whereabouts of a friend in the last 24 hours, and more.

Snapchat users will just have to be patient enough, as there’s no info at this point for when exactly the new subscription service Snapchat+ will be released. Until that moment, users can keep in mind what Liz Markman had to state for The Verge, a spokesperson of Snap, meaning the company in charge of developing Snapchat. He said:

“We’re doing early internal testing of Snapchat Plus, a new subscription service for Snapchatters. We’re excited about the potential to share exclusive, experimental, and pre-release features with our subscribers, and learn more about how we can best serve our community.”

Snapchat has gained enormous notoriety in the recent past: it currently has more than 210 million active users. The majority of them (roughly 73%) are aged between 18 and 24 years old.

What do you think about Snapchat’s upcoming subscription service? Would you be willing to subscribe when it arrives? Feel free to tell us your opinion in the comment section!