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‘LEGO Brawls’ Has an Official Release Date Trailer for PS4 & PS5 – Watch it NOW

Source: lego.com

Let’s face it: there are plenty of video games out there based on the LEGO universe that are just not captivating enough. But it’s all water under the bridge right now since ‘LEGO Brawls’ is on its way to the gaming world!

LEGO Brawls looks beautiful, judging by the release date announce trailer that just came out. The game is coming to both PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles, and there’s not much to wait for it, either.

LEGO Brawls comes to PS4 and PS5 on September 2

September 2 will be the lucky day for many LEGO fans! If you enjoyed playing with LEGO pieces when you were little, surely you’re going to love what Bandai Namco has in store for you on September 2:

The game offers the player the chance to design the ultimate LEGO Minifigure hero with unique traits, whether we’re talking about strategy, style, or personality. You can just let your imagination flow in all sorts of crazy ways, such as setting up a janitor ninja with fighting chickens, for instance.

You can even play LEGO Brawls with other gamers, even if they’re using different platforms than you are. You can even play a battle royale game mode, where there’s one basic rule: the last man standing wins the round!

The Steam description of LEGO Brawls sounds pretty attractive as well:

“Dream up the ultimate Minifigure brawlers and bash your way through all of your favorite LEGO® themes in the first team action brawler set in the LEGO universe. Play with friends at home or around the world and see how you stack up against the competition.”

Feel free to tell us what you think about the upcoming arrival of LEGO Brawls for PS4 and PS5 consoles! Wear your heart on your sleeve and leave us a comment below!