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Ark Survival Evolved – Eggcellent Adventure Patch 310.11 is Out!


Do you enjoy the fun survivalist gameplay of Ark Survival Evolved? If that is the case, then we have some amazing news to share with you. The developers of the highly popular game have just released a brand-new patch for PC, Xbox One and PS4. The patch is taking Ark Survival Evolved’s version number to 310.11 and it introduces the much-anticipated “Eggcellent Adventure” event.

The new event comes with lots of fresh content that brings a breath of fresh air to the gameplay of Ark Survival Evolved. Not just that! The update also makes various adjustments to the gameplay such as increasing the amount of materials that players can harvest via the mining drill. Nonetheless, let’s go ahead and check out the patch notes.

Ark Survival Evolved – Eggcellent Adventure

  • PC: 310.11
  • Xbox One: 798.13
  • PlayStation 4: 547.14
  • PC / Xbox One / PlayStation 4: Added Eggcellent Adventure event content.
  • PC: Fixed a bug where MEK pistol could damage players mounted on a dino.
  • PC: Reduced MEK pistol damage to players by 85%.
  • PC: Reduced MEK Pistol range by 25%.
  • PC: Increased the amount of materials harvested by the mining drill.
  • PC: TEK Shield now has a limited number of crafts (like other TEK blueprints) thanks to this Ark Survival Evolved patch.
  • PC: Made multiple improvements to the Hexagon Exchange UI.
  • PC: Fixed a bug where releasing from a cryopod using EnableCryopodNerf would cause them to take 10x damage for the time set.
  • PC / Xbox One / PlayStation 4: Introduced an increase incoming damage multiplier from the cryopod-release debuff. This can be adjusted with the command line/GameUserSettings.ini parameter ‘CryopodNerfIncomingDamageMultPercent’ where 0.25 = 25%. This is enabled on our Official PvP servers and is set to 25% by default.
  • PC / Xbox One / PlayStation 4: Loot crates will now automatically open when purchased if you are flying or swimming thanks to this Ark Survival Evolved patch.
  • PC: Prevented MEKS from being able to be stacked inside each other.
  • PC: Fixed an issue with TEK durability that prevented stat capping.
  • PC: Argents can no longer pick up smaller wild aggressive creatures in PvE.
  • Xbox One / PlayStation 4: Completed a full pass on Loot Crates to improve loot variation and quality.
  • PlayStation 4: An issue where options/settings were being reset each time the game is closed and reopened has been fixed.