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Batman: Arkham Original Developers are Teasing A New Game


Batman: Arkham Origins is one of the best comic book/animation game adaptation ever made and there is no doubt about that. The studio in charge of developing the game is WB Games Montreal and the reason why we are talking about it today is because the studio has recently teased a new game. Could it be a new Batman game? The studio tweeted yesterday (September 22nd) a cryptic teaser for a new project that is certainly related to the Batman franchise.

New Batman Game

The tweet from WB Games Montreal is celebrating the 80th anniversary of the first Batman comic book appearance which was released back in 1939. The tweet shows a short video of the famous Bat-Signal that is projected onto a building. As most of you already know, this is Batman’s calling card and the interesting thing about the short video is that it contains flashes at 0:3 and 0:21 which feature mysterious symbols.

The Court of Owls

We want to mention that a new Batman movie is rumored to be in the making right now and that it will focus more on the vigilante’s detective skills and that Batman will face the Court of Owls. This is why it should come as no surprise that Batman fans are speculating that the new game which is being teased by WB Games Montreal is hinting at the Court of Owls with the strange flashes in the Bat-Signal.

Another interesting that we need to present is that a WB Games Montreal developer posted a picture of herself wearing a hoodie that had owl imagery on it. The picture was posted last year in November and it was supposed to reference an upcoming project.

Final Words

From the looks of it, WB Games Montreal is indeed working on a new Batman game. Let’s hope that the studio decides to reveal all the details soon so that we don’t have to rely on speculation and rumors. Nonetheless, let us know in the comments what you think the cryptic tweet from WB Games Montreal means?