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Battlefield V “Firestorm” Battle Royale is Revealed in New Video


Even though everyone believed that the Battle Royale mod is a simple trend that will fade away in a couple of months, this isn’t what happened. Battle Royales games such as Fortnite are ruling the gaming industry and legendary FPS game developers don’t have any other option than to follow the trend, especially since Respawn Entertainment is having so much success with the recently released Apex Legends.

Battlefield V Battle Royale

Nonetheless, the reason why we are talking about Battle Royales today is because DICE and EA have decided to reveal gameplay footage of Battlefield V’s Battle Royale mode. The mod is called Firestorm and DICE is giving us its own interpretation of what a Battle Royale game should be like. Therefore, Battlefield V is not going to be a typical Battle Royale and it will have its own unique mechanics.

New Mechanics

Since this is a Battle Royale game we are talking about, Battlefield V will have players jump out of a plane where they will need to find a safe spot to land in. The difference from other similar games is that Firestorm will feature the premium gunplay that the Battlefield series is known for.

Dice announced in the gameplay video that Battlefield V will feature a total of 17 vehicles that players can pick from when they jump inside the Firestorm arena. The list of vehicles includes tanks, a prototype helicopter, a tractor and even an amphibious car.

March 25th Release Date

Battlefield V fans who are eager to join the Firestorm map and get into epic battles should be happy to know that the map will be available for free starting March 25th. DICE and EA are not charging anything extra for the map and this shows us that Battlefield V is hoping to compete against the likes of Apex Legends.

[youtube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kxGMp3h9S7w]