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Best Business Class Airlines to Asia


Every year, the number of tourists is snowballing. Travelers mostly prefer European countries (France, Spain, Italy), the United States, and Asia – the largest part of the world, both in territory and population.


As many of them travel by plane, airlines try their best to guarantee their safety and please the customers with excellent services. Moreover, companies fight for the top positions in rankings created by Skytrax and other consulting companies that do research on services provided by various airlines and airports. In our overview, we will rely on Skytrax’s findings.



Annually, they conduct passenger surveys asking them to share positive or negative experiences after their journey. Specialists contact people by phone, interview them right at the airport or ask to leave feedback on the official website.

Why does Skytrax ranking stand out among others? The Skytrax award is highly valued for transparency, independence, and impossibility to corrupt judges. These surveys significantly affect the reputation of airlines and influence the industry itself as airlines are continually working on improving the services.


Having gathered people’s reviews, Skytrax makes a list of top airlines according to 49 criteria.

The main standards are:

  • Airport staff performance;
  • The quality of online services (the informativeness of the website content, the booking features, etc.);
  • Terminals’ cleanness;
  • Business halls, premises for official delegations;
  • Queue sizes at the passport control;
  • Check-in and boarding time;
  • Seat comfort;
  • The quality of catering;
  • Shops, cafes, Wi-Fi connection, and other facilities;
  • Crew requirements: uniform, attitude to passengers, work efficiency;
  • Condition, design, and cleanness of planes.

What Makes Them Special?

In 2018, Skytrax presented 10 best airlines, seven of which are based in Asia. So, which one to choose to fly business class to Asia with comfort? Let’s consider the top three companies and see what makes them perfect.

Singapore Airlines

For several years, this Asian airline receives five stars from Skytrax, which makes it unparalleled among other Asian companies. Singapore Airlines focuses on passengers who prefer to buy a ticket at a higher price in exchange for maximum comfort on board.

Business class conveniences include:

  • Cozy seats easily transform into full-flat beds with soft headboards, linen blankets, and pillows. Such a seat allows passengers to enjoy healthy sleep during long-distance flights;
  • Appropriate arrangement of the elements at a passenger’s seat: ports and buttons are easily accessible; there are enough storage compartments which allow placing both small and large items;
  • A delicious and diverse menu; dishes are served on the magnificent Narumi porcelain with champagne or wine;
  • The aesthetically pleasing design is well-thought-out by talented artists. Materials and tones make a perfect match.

ANA All Nippon Airways

It is the largest airline in Japan operating domestic and international flights. In business class, the company guarantees the following benefits:

  • Comfortable seats are equipped with a touchscreen to entertain passengers. The chairs are checkered, which makes it possible to transform spacious seats into beds;
  • Passengers can make purchases in the duty-free online store;
  • In case of a long-distance flight, the staff provides children with toys, puzzles, and books.


This airline regularly receives positive reviews about their polite and caring staff, comfy seats and quick check-in. Besides that, customers appreciate:

  • Enjoying a temporary mobile office with 110V power outlets and a personal touchscreen. With EVA Air, you get a spacious seat that is perfect for working during the flight;
  • The situational lighting system adjusts colors to create a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere during your journey;
  • For business class travelers, EVA Air provides VIP lounges in every airport it operates in;
  • Priority treatment: your luggage is among the first ones to be unloaded.



Let’s keep an open mind: not only wealthy and famous people can afford flying business class. Nowadays, airlines enable middle-class passengers to get a low-cost last minute business class deal and enjoy a comfortable and deny-yourself-nothing flight. So, regularly check ticket booking sites to try your luck!