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Best Websites Where VidMate Can Download Videos From


VidMate can download online videos in a matter of seconds and this has made it a very popular app in the Android community. However, today we are going to present the top websites where VidMate can download videos from so that fans of the app know just how much they are getting by using this app. Without any further ado, let’s get into it.

Download Online Videos with VidMate

Even though people already know that VidMate can download online videos from just about anywhere, we have prepared a list with the top seventeen video websites that VidMate fans can use in order to expand their video and music library for free.

  • YouTube;
  • Vimeo;
  • Facebook;
  • Snapchat;
  • Instagram;
  • Twitter;
  • Metacafe;
  • 3gpmania;
  • Liveleak;
  • Soundcloud;
  • Metacafe;
  • Tune;
  • Twitter;
  • Vevo;
  • Whatsappdaily;
  • Me;
  • Dailymotion.

Watch YouTube Offline

The reason why YouTube is the number one website on our list is because this website features an endless source of online videos. The best thing about YouTube is that users can find all types of videos on the website starting with interesting how-to guides, funny fail complications and ending with full documentaries. Therefore, VidMate becomes an “endless source” of entertainment once users pair it up with the content that YouTube has to offer.

Download Free Music

Another important thing that we need to go over is the fact that VidMate can also download music. However, there is a workaround for this work. Users need to download music videos that they like and then they can simply transform them into simple tracks by using VidMate’s pre-installed MP3 converter.

Final Words

We think we made it clear that VidMate is a great app to have. VidMate users will be able to watch all their favorite videos while offline and they will also be able to expand their music library without having to pay a single dime.