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Brightburn 2: What Can We Expect From the Sequel

Source: Netflix

The first Brightburn movie that came out three years ago had some quite impressive success. The plot involving an apparently sweet child who later discovers that he is an alien with superpowers and a passion for destruction has been catchy to the public. It seems like a story of Superman in a parallel universe, who is also an alien from planet Krypton. Main actors such as Elizabeth Banks and Matt Jones did their work very well in the original Brightburn.

The stage seemed as if it was already set for a sequel immediately after the ending of the first movie. Now, the million-dollar question arises: when could we see Brightburn 2?

Brightburn 2 might land in 2024

The Tech Education tells us that the sequel for Brightburn should land in 2024. Producer James Gunn still has a lot of work to do on a Suicide Squad movie, and we can expect him to work on the next Brightburn movie afterward.

If Brightburn 2 will indeed launch two years from now, those willing to watch it on Netflix will still have to wait an extra year or two. The movie will hit the theaters first.

The cast for Brightburn 2

Even though there is very little to know at this point about what the upcoming Brightburn 2 movie will be like, it’s reasonable to expect at least some of the following resounding names for the cast:

  • Elizabeth Banks playing Tori Breye
  • Matt Jones playing Noah McNichol
  • David Denman playing Kyle Breyer
  • Jackson A. Dunn playing Brandon Breyer
  • Meredith Hagner playing Merilee McNichol
  • Abraham Clinkscales playing Royce
  • Jennifer Holland playing Ms. Espenschied

It’s also reasonable to expect a trailer for the Brightburn sequel to land in the following months for the best-case scenario. Surely a trailer will reveal a lot more about the upcoming movie, so stay tuned for more info on the subject!