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Elden Ring: Here’s How to Take Down Malekith the Black Blade

Source: Steam

FromSoftware Inc. collaborated in a successful way with Bandai Namco to bring Elden Ring ‘to life’ back in February 2022, which is a new fantasy action RPG. Grace is the main driving force in this game, as the protagonist will have to use it to his advantage.

Playing Elden Ring is certainly not easy, and that’s especially available if you’re after Malekith the Black Blade. We’re talking about one of the game’s bosses and also the last opponent that you can face in Crumbling Farum Azula.

Why it matters to defeat Malekith the Black Blade

Defeating Malekith the Black Blade will also grant you the ticket to “dance” in the final boss fight.

Taking down Malekith will also result in Leyndell getting transformed into the Capital of Ash.


Malekith is also very versatile, as he will show you his ability to transform if you last enough in the fight. The character will start off as a Beast Clergyman and will show his Black Blade side later in the battle. However, this doesn’t mean that Malekith is invincible!

How to defeat Malekith once and for all

You can take advantage of the broken pillars from the arena to take cover. That’s when you can be pretty much safe from Malekith’s projectiles. Another important defensive move is to stick to the creature’s right hind leg, as his usual attacks cannot reach that area.

But since you can’t win a fight only by defending yourself, you must know when to attack! A good idea is hitting Malekith with everything you got when he is going through an animation. That’s when he lets his guard down. Continuing so and being careful with those sharp attacks can win you the battle.

You can buy the standard version of Elden Ring from Steam for 59.99 euros. If you want the Deluxe Edition, you’ll need to pay 20 euros more.