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Bumble 5.285.1 APK is Up for Grabs

Source: Unsplash

The online realm is very generous when it comes to ways for people to meet a life partner or someone to spice things up. When Tinder is not around, or you’ve spent all your “likes” on it, you can always give Bumble a try.

The 5.285.1 update is now available for Bumble, and it clearly deserves some attention. However, there’s no change log available to tell us what’s new, but that doesn’t mean that the update is useless.

There are two download versions available, and you can choose either one that suits your needs. There is a simple APK file and an APK bundle of 19 splits. Both of them require at least Android 5 to be installed on your phone, and that should definitely not be a powerful demand.

The app’s description that you can find via the Google Play Store sounds like this:

“Millions of people have signed up to Bumble to find dates, make new friends, and meet new people.

“Bumble is a free dating app and social network for singles where you can find friends and meet new people. Whether you want to meet friends, make genuine matches and meaningful connections, chat with strangers and new friends or look to expand your professional and social network.”

Bumble changes the rules of dating. Women are those who make the first move on this platform. It sure sounds like a weird parallel universe, but it’s true.