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Facebook 384. alpha is Available in APK Form

Source: Pixabay

Using the Facebook app on Android never gets old. It can definitely be more comfortable to use Meta’s social platform on a mobile device than on a PC. You can see what your friends are up to, what are the latest hobbies of your relatives, what are latest updates at the restaurants that you like, what are the upcoming events at various venues, and so on.

Update 384. alpha is now available as an APK version, and you can download and install it right away! There are five download variants that you can choose from: four APK files and a bundle. It is unknown what the update brings new, but even so, you can consider downloading it.

With the Facebook app for Android, you can do anything that’s already possible on the web version of the app as well. You can create a profile with everything you like, such as your photos, your favorite music, the top books that you’ve read, and a lot more. You can use the app to find other people with similar tastes as you, whether we’re talking about the same music, concerts, books, political views, and a lot more.

You can use the Facebook app to join entire groups of people based on certain topics and interests. You can also get in contact with them very fast, whether you want to leave them a public message or just talk to them privately.

Of course, pretty much all of the groups on Facebook have zero tolerance for online bullying, foul language, and other extreme and non-polite forms of expressing yourself. Disobeying such rules will result in getting banned from accessing those groups. The admin is usually the one who bans those who don’t comply with the rules, although Facebook already has such rules by default.