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Call of Duty: Mobile – Season 6 Kicks Off Today!


We think it’s safe to say that the Call of Duty franchise is dominating the FPS genre in the gaming industry. Activision surprise everyone when it announced the new Battle Royale called Call of Duty: Warzone and launched it for free on PC, Xbox One and PS4. However, that’s not all. The game publisher has also launched Call of Duty: Mobile this year and the game is sitting on top of the “most played mobile games” charts on both Android and iOS.

Call of Duty: Mobile does an amazing job of providing players with fast-paced action gameplay like no other mobile game can do. To make things even better, the mobile game is updated with fresh content on a regular basis that keeps the gameplay entertaining and exciting. In fact, Call of Duty: Mobile’s sixth season kicks off today.

Call of Duty: Mobile – New Season

As previously noted, the sixth season of Call of Duty: Mobile launched today (May 1). This is a major update that introduces so many changes that it makes Call of Duty: Mobile feels like a brand-new game. With that being said, let’s go ahead and check out the full patch notes.

Battle pass update

  • Tasks have been removed from the battle pass. Players now have to earn battle pass XP to increase their level. Participating in Multiplayer, Battle Royale, Limited time modes all grant Battle Pass XP.

New Event system

  • New event UI. Events are now divided into four categories: featured, seasonal, daily, and more.
  • Events have been optimized to offer a variety of challenge levels and more appealing rewards.

New game modes

  • Capture the Flag: available on Rust, Crossfire, Crash, Raid, Hijacked, and Standoff
  • One-vs-one duel: available on Saloon and Killhouse
  • Kill Confirmed: available on Standoff, Crash, Raid, Summit, Cage, Takeoff, Meltdown

New maps

  • Rust: the CoD: Modern Warfare map is now available on mobile.
  • Saloon: available only for two-vs-two showdown and one-vs-one duel.

New to the battle royale mode

  • Helicopter flare added: can be used as a defensive flare against FHJ rockets
  • New battle royale class: Poltergeist