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Call of Duty Warzone Mobile is Coming: Watch Video

Source: callofduty.com

If you’re a fan of Project Aurora, it means you’ll like what we have to tell you in this article. That game has a new official name: Call of Duty Warzone Mobile.

Thanks to Activision and its Solid State Studios, we can now take a look at the first teaser of the game. As you’ve already guessed, this is what’s happening, in a nutshell: Call of Duty Warzone is receiving a mobile version.

A new battle royale game

Call of Duty Warzone Mobile will be a battle royale game and nothing more. This is indeed great news, as such a title will once again make a lot of gamers gather and compete against each other in devastating battles. Warzone Mobile will definitely be a tough competitor for the top battle royale games for smartphones that are already on the market: Fortnite, PUBG Mobile, and more.

Feel free to watch the video that will surely make you understand more about what’s coming:

But the developers still prefer to prolong the tension, as we can learn a lot more about the Call of Duty Warzone Mobile during an event called ‘Next,’ which will be available in about a week.

The Call of Duty game series remains a pretty successful one, and it has a total of 19 published titles as of August 2022.

Call of Duty remains the third highest grossing video game franchise in history. About 100 million people have played Call of Duty so far, and plenty of publishers and developers have worked for the series throughout its long history. Since the release of the very first Call of Duty game almost two decades ago (in 2003, to be more precise), companies such as Activision, Infinity Ward, Activision Blizzard, Treyarch, Tencent, Nokia, Aspyr, and others have worked on the series.