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Google Maps 11.48.0800 beta APK Brings Improvements and Bug Fixes

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Google Maps is once again going through some changes, and it cannot be otherwise, considering that there are so many places out there in the vast world where we all live that need to be frequently updated. Version 11.48.0800 beta is out now for those willing to install it!

The new update is available in both a simple APK version and an APK bundle, and they were built on a universal architecture. Your device needs to run on at least Android 6 in order to be compatible, which means that pretty much anybody should qualify.

What’s new

Google Maps 11.48.0800 beta brings improvements to allow the user to discover new places. There are also bug fixes included. It’s not specified exactly what those new places are, which means that we can all install the update to check it out. Pretty much anybody nowadays uses either Google Maps or Waze, meaning Google’s navigation apps. We all have to admit that it’s hard to imagine jumping in our cars without opening either one of the two apps.

By using Google Maps, you can plan your route from Boston to New York, for instance, and find out about all the interesting places that exist on the way. You can see a fine restaurant where you can eat, for instance, a hotel where you can sleep, a bar where you can have a drink, and so on. You can check out the places from where you can pick up a taxi or a bus, and a lot more.

In Google Maps, there are more than 220 countries and territories that are mapped. On the map, users can also find hundreds of millions of businesses and places.

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