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Candy Crush Saga APK is Up for Grabs

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If you haven’t forgotten about Candy Crush Saga, it might mean you have some good tastes when it comes to mobile gaming. Or it could mean that you’ve been playing some poor-quality games, others would say.

Regardless of what the truth may be, it’s important to know, if you’re a Candy Crush player, that the APK is out now and waiting for you to download it! The developers from King are updating the game every week, which means that regularly grabbing those new updates is a ‘must’ if you’re a player of the free-to-play puzzle game known as Candy Crush Saga!

Candy Crush Saga APK is available through APKMirror

To get your hands on the new Candy Crush Saga APK, you’ll have to head over to APKMirror. The new update is rapidly noticeable in the roster of all the apps and games available for July 7.

You’ll find two download options for the update, both coming as APK files. The hardware demands are extremely welcoming, as all you need to download either one of the files is a device running on at least Android 5. That’s an 8-year-old operating system, which means that it’s hard to believe that there is anybody who can’t match the requirement.


The first APK is built on the armeabi-v7a architecture, while the second one is built on the arm64-v8a architecture.

There’s not much to know at this point about what the new update brings to Candy Crush Saga, but the description suggests that it may be about new features and levels.

You can play Candy Crush Saga on a multitude of platforms, including Android and iOS devices. The puzzle game is also available for Windows PC, macOS, and FireOS.

Which platform do you prefer using to play Candy Crush Saga?