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Cardano’s Team Engages Users As It Prepares To Deliver Delayed Hard Fork Upgrade

Photo by Michael Förtsch on Unsplash

To make sure the highly anticipated Vasil Hard Fork upgrade goes through without a hitch, Cardano is spending extra time and effort. The update had been planned for a much earlier time, but it has been repeatedly postponed due to unexpected developments. The Cardano team tries to reassure the community by providing updates on the rollout’s status amid widespread worries about issues.

Input-Output Hong Kong (IOHK), the technology company responsible for managing the Cardano blockchain, provided an update on Thursday revealing that, while the company had aimed to have 75% of Cardano SPOs running the latest node by now, only 42% had done so. Current worries about the Vasil upgrade were addressed, and the update also included a status report for the upgrade’s rollout as of August 25.

IOHK highlighted three setup-related areas of interest the team is investigating before the upgrade. The team has said one final step is needed before exchanges can be included.

They claim that this is the correct configuration for the Cardano wallet on Nix OS. With an aim of 80% liquidity, that equates to 25 markets. The group informed the public that they would share their latest findings over the next several days.

The most recent version of Vasil is 1.35.3. (v.7.2). There are currently 3,176 Stake Pool Operators (SPOs) using the latest release, which IOHK estimates accounts for 42% of all SPOs. This statistic has been trending up steadily over the past few days, which is encouraging. Our goal is a 75% success rate. Despite this, the vast majority of SPOs, a total of 4,234, are still using the 1.34.1 (v.6.0) version. Five-sixths of all SPOs fall under this category.

When discussing dApps, IOHK mentioned that four of the top ten dApps as ranked by Cardano TVL are now testing on node 1.35.3. They anticipate a rise in the number over the next few days and will keep the public apprised of developments.

Charles Hoskinson claims that a recently occurring bug has been corrected in the most recent update.
IOHK has acknowledged a config issue in the pre-production environment this week. And they showed that the problem was fixed, with the chain density now appearing to be perfect.