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Meme Generator 4.6238 APK Brings Exciting New Content

Source: Unsplash

Those who are willing to get a good laugh during the breaks from work or while waiting for the bus can always grab the phone and open the Meme Generator app for Android.

Those who are in love with memes now have yet another reason to use the Meme Generator software: the 4.6238 APK just landed, and it can be downloaded via APKMirror at no cost and no questions asked!

What’s new in the 4.6238 update

With the arrival of the new 4.6238 APK, the Meme Generator app has become even more exciting and interactive than before. Here’s what’s new:

  • New wojak stickers
  • 15 new collage designs
  • New memes: “People Who…”, “Me Remembering X” and “I’m the Upgrade”

There’s a single download option available, and it can be grabbed by those users who have at least Android 5 running on their phones. The option comes in a simple APK (Android Package Kit) file that was built on a universal architecture.

Here are a few main features that Meme Generator is capable of:

  • You can fully adjust the text, whether we’re talking about the size, font, color, outline, alignment, or the number of lines.
  • You can choose between over 2000 high-quality meme templates
  • Examples of meme templates sorted by category
  • You can create your own editable templates that can be edited easily and quickly
  • Hundreds of stickers are included
  • You have the option to create custom stickers using a powerful editing tool
  • You can choose from either one out of more than 60 fonts
  • You can add your own fonts
  • You can crop images
  • You can add borders to images

Memes from Meme Generator don’t even get any watermarks, and your privacy is the company’s top priority.

If you feel like you’re a misunderstood genius who can pop out interesting memes instantaneously, you can even use Meme Generator to create your own intelligent and funny phrases and share them with your friends!