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Chrome 76 Stable Build Rolls Out Today with New Improvements to Incognito Mode


Google has announced earlier today that a stable version of Chrome 76 for Android, Windows, Mac, Linux and iOS operating systems is now available for download. This is the latest version of the highly popular browser and it comes with a slew of new improvements that are taking its performances to the next level. For example, Adobe Flash is now blocked by default and users who want to access Adobe Flash will need to manually enable it from the settings panel.

Chrome 76

The reason why all Chrome fans should make sure to download the new version of the browser is because it introduces an important software change for the FileSystem API. The new software change is going to make it possible for any websites to determine when the user is surfing the web in Incognito mode through “detect private mode” scripts.

With that said, Chrome 76 makes it possible for users to surf the web incognito without having to worry if any websites will be able to see them. In additions, websites will no longer be able to require users to sign up for subscriptions after they fee a pre-set number of free articles. This is great news for people who enjoy browsing the web and reading articles because they will no longer have to deal with paywalls.

Improved Dark Mode

We should also mention that Chrome 76 adds a couple of improvements to the Dark Mode feature. From now on, a new option called prefers-color scheme media query is going to make it possible for websites to detect users who are surfing the web in Dark Mode and to automatically match the user’s preferred mode. To top it all, this option is also going to make it easier to install PWAs (progressive web apps) on desktop.