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DC Legends: Fight Superheroes 1.26.7 Update – New Legendary Characters and Skins


Do you like playing fighting games? If that is the case, then you might want to try DC Legends: Fight Superheroes. This is a highly popular mobile game that gives players the chance to recruit amazing characters such as Batman, The Flash, The Joker, Harley Quinn and many more others. The fun part about is getting to learn all the skills and combos of the superheroes so that you can win all fights.

The reason why DC Legends: Fight Superheroes is making headlines on our website today is because the mobile game has just received a new update. The update is available to download via over the air channels and it sports the 1.26.7 version number. Without any further ado, let’s go ahead and check out the features that it introduces.

DC Legends: Fight Superheroes 1.26.7 Update

The first thing that we want to highlight about the new DC Legends: Fight Superheroes update is that even though it is rolling out via over the air channels, it is only available to download on Android-powered smartphones. Nonetheless, the update weighs in at 71.28MB and it is targeting smartphones that are running on Android 9.0 Pie.

Alternatively, the update can also be manually downloaded and installed. This is possible by getting the update in the form of APK (Android Package Kit). The tricky part about installing this type of update is that users are required to enable the “Unknown Sources” option on their smartphones. The option is available in the Settings panel and it takes less than one second to toggle it on.

What’s New?

Here are the improvements that the new update brings:

  • Earn more rewards! There are several new options to earn and claim free loot!
  • Tell your friends about your favorite game with the new Referral feature
  • Participate in the monthly Raid Boss to earn amazing rewards!
  • New exclusive skins every month!
  • Many Bug fixes!
  • Metallo with his kryptonite heart joins the battle!
  • Parasite absorbs the energy of anything he touches!

Highlight Features

Check out below the best features that DC Legends: Fight Superheroes has to offer:

• Collect and form teams of Superheroes and Super Villains from across the DC Universe
• Superman and Lex Luthor? Batman and The Joker? Bring together unlikely allies to build your roster and battle against rival teams!
• Construct your own allegiance of the Justice League or build your own Suicide Squad
• Collect new DC characters every month and earn a Legendary hero for free!

• Immerse yourself in an exciting story mode across iconic DC locales, including Metropolis, Atlantis, Themyscira, STAR Labs, and more
• Unleash Superman’s Heat Vision, Bizarro’s Flame Breath, or Flash’s Speed Force Vortex on wave after wave of undead foes!
• Survive multiple battles by utilizing your whole roster to gain exclusive rewards and characters in R.E.D. Alert Mode
• Compete against other players around the world to demonstrate your superior team-building skills, and climb the ranks in 14 unique Leagues!

• Strategically rank up your Superhero or Super Villain to Legendary, for improved stats, new Super Powers and a new legendary appearance
• Upgrade iconic gear for your hero, like Batman’s Batarang, Sinestro’s Power Battery, or Lex Luthor’s Kryptonite Ring!
• Experience Rebirth – unlock new looks and additional skins!

• Join forces with friends – work together to complete Alliance missions and fight together to take down Alliance raid bosses!
• Weekly PVP events – Arena, Blitz, Showdown and Siege tournaments
• Show off your winning strategy – Poison Ivy buff steals or Green Lantern energy shields? You decide!
• Earn exclusive rewards for participating in special events and challenges