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Dota Underlords 1.0 Update – Major Hero Changes, Gameplay Improvements and More!


Dota Underlords is one of the best mobile games that Valve has ever made and it’s being played by millions of people from all over the world. The secret behind the mobile game’s “success” is the fact that it features the top-notch quality of characters and smooth gameplay that Valve’s games are renowned for. Nonetheless, today we are talking about Dota Underlords because the developers of the mobile game have just published a brand-new update.

Dota Underlords 1.0 Update

If you enjoy playing Dota Underlords to avoid getting bored in your free time or when waiting in line at the grocery shop, then we have some great news to share with you. A brand-new update which sports the 1.0 version number has just started rolling out and we are advising all Dota Underlords fans to make sure to keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network so that they can be among the first ones to download it.

Alternatively, the update can also be manually downloaded and installed by eager Dota Underlords fans who don’t want to wait for the update to arrive via over the air channels. However, this is possible only by installing the update in the form of APK and this type of updates are compatible only with Android-powered smartphones.

Major Bug Fixes

  • Brought back the hero display on the defeat screen.
  • Fixed an issue where if your Aegis triggers (or you lose Divine Rapier) you can no longer assign some items.
  • Fixed matches that would normally grant XP not granting XP.
  • Scoreboard added back to Duos!
  • Increased post-combat time slightly for all players.
  • Fixed a memory leak that caused slowdown when the game was played for many hours.
  • Added Underlords to Party UI.
  • Added two more Duos chat lines – “Should we level up?” and “Should we spend to reroll?”
  • Fixed some assassins not leaping.
  • Freestyle board code formats have been updated to support saving benched units.
  • Added support for custom jails on party matches: You can set a custom party jail by clicking on your “Create Custom Jail” context menu within the party and pasting a board code. Any draftable unit in the board or bench of your board code (up to 9) will be marked as banned in that custom lobby game.
  • Added charts to the Rulebook Glossary.
  • Other various UI improvements.
  • Fixed a crash users on old versions experienced after today’s update.
  • Fixed some UI bugs on the new Duos scoreboard.

Gameplay Improvements

  • Increased cost to level up to level 9 (and therefore 10) by 10 XP.
  • New unit odds in the shop for player level 3 and 9.


  • Passive Hype generation increased: 1.5 -> 1.8.
  • Martyr’s Boon: buff duration down: 8 seconds -> 5 seconds.
  • Pure Pain: debuff duration up: 6 seconds -> 7 seconds.
  • Chaotic Hunter: number of extra shots down: 3 -> 1.
  • The End of Medicine: attack damage bonus increased: 25% -> 30%.
  • Fixed A Demon’s Revenge not doing damage to the killer.
  • Fixed Phantom Pain not interacting correctly with Sympathy Pains. Now as long as one of the 2 targets affected by Pure Pain is alive, Phantom Pain is active.
  • Instant Regret: No longer affects Underlords.


  • Attack Rate changed from 0.769->0.588
  • Attack Damage Minimum changed from [36, 48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120, 132, 144] to [48, 60, 72, 84, 96, 108, 120, 132, 144, 160]
  • Attack Damage Maximum changed from [42, 54, 66, 78, 90, 102, 114, 126, 138, 150] to [54, 66, 78, 90, 102, 114, 126, 138, 150, 166]
  • Hype generation per burning unit changed 0.95 -> 1.2.
  • Super-Charged cast time decreased by 25%.
  • Hobgen is invulnerable and untargetable while casting Let’s Go Crazy.
  • Fixed Let’s Go Crazy not applying all Super-Charged upgrades to Hobgen.
  • Grease Fire: Hype granted per unit hit by Explosivo! up: 1 -> 3.
  • Got A Light? is now Burn out.