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Drop Down TV Lift


In recent years the drop down TV lift automation technology became extremely popular in high-tech household decoration. It is installed above the ceiling or against the wall. The adjustable mechanism of the TV lift gives the chance of installing a large TV screen not solely at different heights but even hide it from the plain sight completely when needed. The drop down tv lift mechanism is capable to transform an ordinary room in your house into a movie theater. The technology is operated via the remote control manual console, hence, with a single button press the monitor will change its location: move up, down or hide completely.

The drop-down TV lift of Progressive Automation can be installed to lower the  TV screen from the ceiling, the bottom of a wardrobe or behind a faux wall. Most often such faux walls are made of drywall, which is much more cheap and easy compared to other building materials.

This automation technology gives a variety of options when one needs the easy-transforming rest place, be it the guest room or an ordinary kitchen. Moreover, the drop down tv lift mechanism with a remote control system is capable to preserve a lot of space in houses where every square meter counts.

Also, motorized drop down TV lift automation technology produces almost zero noise and will cause no disturbance while working. Most of its models have slim dimensions and they are easy-adjustable for any room conditions. The technology is so easy that is even used on boards of passenger planes and cruise liners where space economy is extremely important. Smart houses had it a long time ago.

What is important when installing the drop down TV lift is taking into account three main specifications:

  • Ideal viewing height
  • Compatibility
  • Installation size
  • Length of travel

The last one deserves special attention as it is the main specification for the cases when the TV screen has to fully hide from the view. Let’s imagine that you need to hide your screen above the ceiling. When you have the length of the TV 28 inches (approximately 71 centimeters) the length of the travel needed to hide the screen will be equal to 30 inches (approximately 76 centimeters). Logically that in case if your TV screen is bigger, for example, 34 inches (approximately 86 centimeters) then a small part of it will be still visible above the ceiling. However, if the aim is solely to lift or lower the TV screen along the wall then there are no such strict measurements needed. In such a case all you need is to choose the travel length you require and that is it.

As the linear motion automation system, the drop-down TV lift provides the whole range of features and benefits which makes the house much convenient for the dwelling.

The internal limit switches make the linear actuator unit shut off at the end of the stroke. A worm gear drive system of the drop down TV lift is the perfect quieter of the whole mechanism. Thus, when it runs it causes only 5 Db noise above ambient. And finally, no professional special skills are required to install these automation systems. The DIY drop-down TV lift can be constructed from parts and then installed even by a person who has never dealt with such mechanisms before. Luckily, easy to read and follow instruction manuals are always attached to the set of drop-down TV lift. So even an unaware person now can cover everything from unboxing to construction and final installation. This easy technology is dedicated bringing coziness and comfort to your smart apartments.