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Epic Games Bombs Fortnite Customer Service Test and Gets an “F”


Fortnite holds the title of being the world’s most popular game and Epic Games is raking millions of dollars every month in profits because of this. Although, the most impressive thing about Fortnite is the fact that it is the most popular game on PC, console and mobile platforms! Now, this is something that we haven’t seen since the Minecraft era has ended. Even though it might seem like everything that Epic Games is doing with Fortnite is right, the folks at BBB (Better Business Bureau) have a different opinion.

Better Business Bureau Gives Fortnite an “F”

The BBB is a reputable non-profit company that dedicates its time to improving the customer services of companies all over the world. Getting a high rating from BBB is just like receiving a five-star rating from a popular reviewer for companies.

Nonetheless, BBB has announced that they are going to give Epic Games an F which is the lowest rating for the way the company treats customer support in Fortnite.

“A majority of complaints submitted to BBB against Epic Games deal with customer service and refund or exchange issues. BBB has attempted to contact Epic Games on numerous occasions, but the company has failed to answer,” said BBB.

Shady Record

Even though no one likes getting an F rating for anything, we think it’s safe to say that BBB’s opinion is not going to impact Fortnite’s success at all. Not just that, but the BBB have a shady record and the non-profit has been accused in the past for its paid business accreditation program and for its grading practices.

After these accusations were made, BBB made some major changes in its team, but the shady past is still there. With that being said, Epic Games might not like the fact that it received an F, but this is not going to change Fortnite’s fans opinion about the game at all.