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Watch Online Videos while Offline with TubeMate


TubeMate is one of the most popular apps in the Android community and it has been downloaded by millions of people. The reason why so many people are installing TubeMate on their smartphones is because the app gives users an alternative way to watch online videos. How does that work you ask? Well, it’s simple. TubeMate can download online media from all types of websites and apps, thus giving users a way to watch them while offline.

Watch Online Content While Offline

Even though this might seem impossible at first because all websites and apps that specialize in streaming online videos don’t give users a way to download them, TubeMate can really make it possible to watch them while offline.

However, the fact that TubeMate can download online videos also makes the app go against the terms of service of those apps and websites. Therefore, TubeMate is not available to download directly from the Google Play Store.

How to Get TubeMate?

Fortunately for Android users, TubeMate can be downloaded from multiple websites. On the other hand, TubeMate comes in the form of APK (android package kit) since this is the format that all Android developers use in order to release updates for their apps without having to list it on the Google Play Store. This means that interested readers who want to download online videos and watch them while offline will need to manually download and install TubeMate on their smartphones.

Discover New Music!

As previously mentioned in the beginning, TubeMate can download all types of online media and not just videos. Therefore, TubeMate can be used to discover trending music and to download it on a smartphone for offline listening. To make things even better, TubeMate is equipped with a pre-installed MP3 converter that can be used to transform music videos into simple tracks.