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Facebook 385. APK is Available for Download

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When Facebook was first gaining notoriety, it was easy to be an eager beaver. Everybody was overly-excited about what the platform was capable of. As it happened in the early days of fame for Meta’s platform, it remains easy to get your ducks in a row in order to start using Facebook.

With almost 3 billion Facebook users on the planet, it’s hard to find someone who’s not using the platform. Having a Facebook account has almost become more important than having an identity card.

Update 385. is now available for Facebook users, and it doesn’t seem to bring any major changes to the famous social app. Instead, it most likely only brings along minor changes, such as some fixes for bugs.

16 download variants available

Facebook 385. is available in multiple download variants – 16, to be more precise. Most of them are simple APK files, but there’s also a bundle APK available.

While some of the download variants require at least Android 9 or Android 10 in order to function, others can even work if your phone is running on Android 6.

You can use the Facebook app on a huge number of tasks, such as:

  • Meeting new people
  • Finding old friends
  • Engaging in groups based on certain topics
  • Selling and buying at/from the marketplace
  • Seeing the upcoming events in your area, near it, or from any other place in the world
  • Promoting your business
  • Checking out the pages of businesses, institutions, celebrities, and more.
  • Interacting with pages of institutions, businesses, or celebrities.

The examples could continue. Using Facebook can come with a lot of benefits!

On September 17, we also spoke about the 384. update that came out for the Facebook app.