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PDF Reader 3.39.1 APK Brings New Features

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Let’s face it: simply quitting PDF editing cold turkey isn’t easy at all. Regardless of how much such apps might be getting our goat sometimes, they are still very useful overall. Furthermore, they can act on our brains in a similar way a song does, causing something we colloquially call an earworm.

PDF Reader is one example of a great PDF editing software tool that you can use at any point since it’s available for Android devices. It’s actually the world’s leading PDF editor available on the market.

Version 3.39.1 has now arrived for those using the PDF Reader app, and you should get your hands on it ASAP! There are some interesting new features available. The minimum accepted version is Android 5, while the update itself was built on a universal architecture.

What’s new

PDF Reader 3.39.1 brings a brand new editing interface. But there’s more:

  • A new annotation toolbar: you can activate any annotation tool you want with just a tap
  • More editing actions are available through the new ‘More’ menu
  • A BOTA list allows you to locate all the essential information in a PDF by checking the annotations, outline, bookmarks, and thumbnail

Do you want to learn even more about PDF Reader? Check out the app’s overview from the Google Play Store:

“Covering all the essentials and more, Kdan PDF Reader is the world’s leading PDF editor on the market. Its expert features allow you to view, annotate, scan, sign and convert PDFs on smartphones, tablets, and even on PC/Mac. Quickly backup and send files to friends, classmates, and colleagues via email or any popular Cloud storage service (share via Android). Optimizing your work quality and productivity has never been this easy!”

PDF Reader has been downloaded from the Google Play Store over 10 million times.