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Facebook is Simplifying the Messenger App


Every app that Facebook develops is renowned for being packed with a plethora of features, but is this really a good thing? Take the Facebook Messenger app for example. Even though this app is supposed to make it easier for people to get in touch with their friends and family members, it’s UI is filled with so many features that people often have a difficult time finding the option they are actually looking for.

On the bright side of things, Facebook recently did a study and it found out that people value simplicity over everything. To Facebook’s surprise, people only want to communicate and they think that the Messenger app has more features than it needs.

Facebook is “Simplifying” Messenger

After realizing that more features is not what Facebook fans are looking for, the social media giant announced that it’s planning to simplify the Messenger app. Facebook revealed that Messenger 4 is going to launch during the upcoming future and that it will feature a more simplified UI and sleeker design.

Messenger 4

The first thing that Facebook fans are going to notice about Messenger 4 is that the app will feature only three tabs instead of nine! This is a major change and we think it’s safe to say that it’s a welcomed one. In addition, Messenger 4 is going to introduce color gradients in conversations so that users find it much easier to tell who they are talking to.

Dark Mode

The biggest news that Facebook announced regarding Messenger 4 is that the app will finally introduce Dark Mode. This is great news for smartphone users everywhere because it means that communicating with their friends is going to be easier on the eyes. People who own smartphones with AMOLED displays are going to enjoy Dark Mode the most.