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Facebook Lite Beta Update – Now Available with Faster Performances


Do you enjoy using Facebook but don’t like the fact that it is slowing down your smartphone? Facebook requires powerful hardware specs and this makes it difficult for the social media app to run at peak-level performances on older smartphones. Luckily, the developers who are in charge of Facebook are aware of this and they have created an alternative app.

The alternative is called Facebook Lite and just as its name implies, it is a stripped-down version of the social media app that has been designed to run on smartphones that do not benefit from fast CPUs and microSD support. The reason why we are talking about Facebook Lite today is because it has just received a new update.

Facebook Lite Beta Update

As previously noted, Facebook Lite fans should be pleased to know that a new update is coming their way. The update sports the beta version number and therefore, the only users who can download it are those who are enrolled in the beta program.

Luckily, Facebook Lite’s developers are allowing everyone who uses an Android-powered smartphone to join the beta program. The only requirement is to provide the developers with feedback in case something goes wrong such as bugs or glitches.

This is a small price to pay in exchange for receiving access to all of Facebook Lite’s latest updates ahead of everyone else.

What’s New?

The question that all Facebook Lite fans must be asking right now is what’s new? The answer is a bunch of improvements for the reliability and speed of the lightweight social media app.

Therefore, Facebook Lite is going to run much faster after downloading and installing the new update. Not only that, but the chances of Facebook Lite randomly shutting down will be smaller.