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Facebook Messenger 369. alpha APK Becomes Available for Download

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Let’s admit that whether you’re a social media addict or not, living your life without Facebook Messenger nowadays is almost impossible. The app can put you in contact with other people even if they don’t have a Facebook/Meta account. Furthermore, sending videos, photos, audio messages, and other types of files via Facebook Messenger is a lot easier than doing it through your standard MMS service that’s mounted on the phone.

You can even use Facebook Messenger to find the girl of your dreams from Instagram and contact her. Cross-app messaging is a piece of cake for Messenger, as the app always finds ways to adapt. And it’s now good to know that the software has become even better thanks to the new 369. alpha APK that just came out.

Download the 369. alpha APK NOW

If you want to download the 369. alpha APK already, you must know that the file is up for grabs on APKMirror! That’s the place where you’ll find constant APKs for the preferred apps in your life! There are four download options to choose from in the case of Messenger, and for now, it seems that everybody is keeping the secret about what the APK can do. We anticipate that it’s only a strategy to provide a pleasant surprise!

Three out of four of the versions of the Facebook Messenger 369. alpha APK demand at least the Android 9 operating system to be running on your phone. If you don’t meet the requirement, there’s no use insisting. However, one of the download versions even accepts a minimum of Android 5.

Before you decide which version of the 369. alpha APK for Facebook Messenger you need, it’s best to consult the APKMirror’s FAQ section!

With or without the new APK, Facebook Messenger remains a lot of fun. You can even use the Android app to send and request money! What’s amusing about that is that it’s even free of charge!