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Facebook Messenger 375. alpha APK is Available for Download

Source: Unsplash

Millions of netizens out there put their faith in Facebook Messenger, and not only when it comes to collaborating with others who use the famous social media platform. You can even use the Facebook Messenger app if you enter only your phone number.

Here’s another argument to consider using Facebook Messenger: the 375. alpha update is available to download via APKMirror, the place where you can find your desired update for your favorite app or game!

No info in the change log

The download page for the Facebook Messenger 375. alpha APK doesn’t reveal anything about what the update brings new. This means that we can probably expect nothing too important, although installing the latest version of an app is pretty much always a good idea.

The new update for Messenger comes in two download variants, and those who wanted a bundle will surely be disappointed. There are only two simple APK files exposed, and both of them demand at least Android 9 running on your phone.

Otherwise, Facebook Messenger offers a ton of exciting features, such as:

  • Cross-app messaging and calling
  • Free and unlimited texts and phone calls
  • Custom reactions
  • Vanish Mode
  • Free video calls
  • Chat Themes
  • Watch Together
  • Get the group together with rooms
  • Record and send voice and video messages
  • Send files, videos, and photos.

The list can continue, and perhaps Meta will keep adding new features in the near future. Stay tuned!