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Firefox Browser (Nightly for Developers) 104.0a1 APK is OUT

Source: Mozilla.org

Mozilla Firefox remains one of the best web navigators out there, and it works for plenty of platforms: Windows PC, macOS, Linux, Android, and iOS devices.

Nightly is a somewhat different deal, as it’s unstable testing and also a development platform. Firefox Nightly is set by default to send data to Mozilla automatically. That allows developers to understand technical issues better and try out new ideas. Firefox Nightly even receives updates every day!

The Firefox Browser (Nightly for Developers) 104.0a1 APK becomes available

Firefox Browser (Nightly for Developers) 104.0a1 APK is now up for grabs via APKMirror!

There are 52 download variants available for the users to download, and all of them are APK files. There’s no bundle exposed. For all of the downloads, it’s enough to have a device that runs on Android 5.

There’s no information available about what the 104.0a1 APK brings new, but we’re guessing that it hasn’t been released for no reason.

The team behind Firefox Nightly doesn’t seem to take regular breaks from their work. They bring new updates every day. If people want to experience the newest innovations of Firefox in an unstable environment and also get the chance to give feedback that will count, relying on the Nightly channel is the answer.

Here’s an important statement via Mozilla.org:

“New Nightly-only setting: Show fewer update notification prompts. When the setting is enabled and Nightly is ready to restart to install updates, it will show a notification in the hamburger menu but not a popup notification. Additionally, if the user also has the Check for updates but let you choose to install them” setting enabled, the Update Available* notification will be shown in the hamburger menu but the popup notification will be suppressed for up to a week after the last successful update.”

What do you think about the new APK?