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GTA Online: New Update Allows Players to Hop Into the Law Enforcement

Source: Unsplash

If you remember grabbing a police officer suit in GTA San Andreas after you managed to make one of your girlfriends happy, it might mean that you have some good taste when it comes to video games.

You’ll get the chance to do something similar in the online mode of GTA 5 as well (aka GTA Online), thanks to a new update that will allow players to jump into law enforcement.

Several weeks more to wait

There’s not much to wait until the new GTA Online update, which means that you should start making your plan for the game already. Just a few weeks more, and the update will be there! It’s also irrelevant what platform you use to play GTA 5, as the update will work on all of them!

Rockstar itself made the big announcement:

“In just a few short weeks, a new update is coming to GTA Online on all platforms that will expand upon the Criminal Careers of Executive, Biker, Gunrunner, and Nightclub Owner — alongside a set of Contact Missions that presents the opportunity to be sworn in as a special IAA field operative to investigate a budding criminal conspiracy.”

In the same article, Rockstar is boasting about more players than ever joining the game because of its recent launch for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. The company is obviously talking about the new adaptations of the game for the current-gen consoles from Sony and Microsoft, respectively. The game’s graphics had been enhanced for the new consoles, which was a highly-anticipated move from Rockstar.

GTA 5 is available across the following platforms: PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X/S, Windows PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. GTA Online, which is included in GTA 5 as soon as you buy a legal copy of the game, is available for the same platforms.