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Firefox Lite 2.1.6 (18084) Update – Brand-New Travel Discovery Feature


Mozilla Firefox is renowned for being one of the most powerful mobile browsers available on Android and iOS. The browser gives users access to a plethora of useful features and this is why Mozilla Firefox is often considered as the best Google Chrome and Safari replacement. On the downside of things, the browser is not suitable for low or mid-range smartphones. Fortunately, here is where Firefox Lite comes in and provides an alternative.

Firefox Lite is a lightweight browser that weighs in at less than 10MB. The small size makes Firefox Lite perfect for older smartphones that do not support microSD cards. However, you shouldn’t be fooled by the browser’s small size and think that it doesn’t deliver premium performances, quite the opposite! In fact, Firefox Lite also benefits from full-fledged developer support and a new update has just arrived.

Firefox Lite 2.1.6 (18084) Update

If you enjoy using Firefox Lite, then we have some great news to share with you. A new update which sports the 2.1.6 (18084) version number is now available for download and all Firefox Lite fans should make it their top priority to get it as soon as possible. The update weighs in at 5.87MB and it requires a minimum of Android 5.0 Lollipop operating system in order to run without any problems.

How to Download the New Update?

There are two ways to download the new update. The first one is to get the update via Mozilla’s official OTA (over the air channels). This is the simplest way to access the update because the only thing that Firefox Lite fans need to do is to keep their smartphones connected to a stable Wi-Fi network and to wait for the update to pop up in their notification panels.

The alternative method is to manually download and install the update. This method is a bit more complicated because Firefox Lite fans are required to download the update in the form of APK. This is a special update format and the APK acronym stands for “Android Package Kit”.

Therefore, this type of update is compatible only with Android-powered smartphones. Not only that, but the designated smartphone needs to have the “Unknown Sources” option set as enabled.

What’s New?

Even though most Firefox Lite updates introduce small software tweaks and bug fixes, this is not the case for the latest 2.1.6(18084) update. Instead of bringing bug fixes, the new update aims to improve the overall performances of the lightweight browser and it does that by introducing a new feature called “Travel Discovery”.

The new feature can be used to discover and plan adventures. This is a super-useful feature and we have to give praise to the developers of Firefox Lite for releasing it.

Top Features

Now that we have checked out everything there is to know about the Firefox Lite’s latest update, let’s go ahead and take a look at what are the top features that the lightweight browser has to offer. Without any further ado, here they are.

Lightning Fast Browsing Speed
With Turbo Mode, Firefox Lite promises you a lighting fast browsing experience!

A Lightweight Web Browser
This incredibly mini size browser is less than 6MB, taking up almost no space on your phone.

Travel Discovery
Discover and plan your next adventure. Explore new cities, find hidden gems, get deals on hotels, and create a bucket list of all your top destinations.

Smart Shopping Search
Find great deals quickly and easily. With Smart Shopping Search, simply tap on convenient tabs to compare products and prices across multiple shopping sites at once.

Top free games
Choose from more than 100 popular free games to play anytime, anywhere — without installing gaming apps.

Trending News
Catch up on the latest trending news from major news sites. Never miss out on the stories everyone is talking about.

Advanced Private Browsing
Browse without a trace. No history, no passwords, no cookies recorded when browsing in the private browsing mode. With the tracking protection, which most browsers don’t have, Firefox Lite’s advanced private mode can prevent advertisers and websites from tracking you. Feeling curious? Now you can check how many trackers are blocked in private mode.